Ariel view of a development representing urban zoningEvery land use project requires a thorough understanding of zoning laws, requirements, and regulations. We use our knowledge in the industry and our attention to details to analyze the size, type, and other development characteristics for any given piece of land. Understanding the zoning of your property will determine:

  • The types of structures that can be built on the land
  • Restrictions on construction, reconstruction, and remodeling
  • Property and land use
  • Compliance status and regulations for parking spaces, parking lot maintenance, and premises

Our professional civil engineering firm provides research based on your property or potential property. We stay up-to-date with local, county, state, and federal requirements for your property. For many of our clients, their property is subject to the governance of multiple governmental jurisdictions. This is where our expertise can not only move their project through this quickly but also can save them thousands of dollars.

Single & Multi-Family Development
Stormwater Management Analysis & Design
Eminent Domain Services
Preliminary & Final Engineering Design
Zoning & Land Use Amendments

Infrastructure Design & Development:

Group of engineers planning out infrastructure designs & developmentLand use & development is increasingly complex. Government agencies and oversight make the process time consuming, expensive, and tedious. All of our land use projects are met with our attention to detail  and our vast knowledge of the complicated logistical process. For most of our clients, time is money. This means that we need to and pride ourselves in meeting deadlines to efficiently and effectively stay on time with the development. Our civil engineering firm can provide solutions for:

  • Utility layouts
  • Drainage & stormwater detentions
  • Water & sewer systems
  • Roadways
  • Floodplain mapping
  • Permitting & Mitigation
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial properties

From the very beginning of your project, the team at Madden, Moorehead, & Stokes will bring together multiple professional disciplines to consider all aspects of design during concept development. This is done to ensure that your project not only looks great on paper but will also translate seamlessly into sustainable functionality.

Commercial & Industrial Development
Low Impact Developments
Roadway Analysis & Drainage Design
Water & Wastewater Analysis & Design
Developments of Regional Impact

Land Use Planning:

Question mark in the shape of houses and roads representing land use planningLand use planning consists of evaluating a piece of property in order to determine the best use, or available options, for a business decision. We work with you to assess the environmental effects, zoning regulations, and the design and development plans of the property, in order to effectively utilize the land and the surrounding natural resources. The different types of land use planning we specialize in are:

  • Site planning
  • Regional Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Recreational Planning
  • Environmental Planning
  • Smart Growth
  • Landscape Architecture Planning

Our firm provides clients with top-notch communication and quality control to ensure that the project objectives are clearly defined and conducted in the most efficient manner possible. Our staff has extensive experience working with local jurisdictions throughout every single stage of the land use regulatory planning process. This experience is what has enabled our firm to gain a deep understanding of land use regulations and the planning process.

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