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About Us

Founded in 1987, Madden, Moorhead & Stokes, Inc. is a leading civil engineering firm with a solid reputation for providing a broad spectrum of urban engineering and development services. The entire staff at Madden, Moorhead & Stokes will provide the production assistance necessary to support our participation in Land Development projects.

Headquartered in Maitland, FL, we focus on quality professional services in support of our client's interests.

We possess a business philosophy built on delivering:

  1. Hands on principal attention

  2. First rate customer service

  3. Timely submittals & responses

  4. High quality engineering services

Our extensive experience and attention to high quality professional service make us a premier civil engineering firm in Central Florida. 


Featured Projects

Madden, Moorhead, & Stokes, Inc. has a long history of permitting Central Florida's premiere residential and commercial developments.

We are committed to ensuring clients needs are fully satisfied so as to ensure Central Florida's living, shopping and working spaces provide the experience that will always make this the place to experience the best that life has to offer.


Low Impact Development

(Green Infrastructure Design)

The future in land development and civil engineering is Low Impact Development (LID).

Just as it sounds, LID combines the needs of today's expanding urban needs with Florida's natural environment.

Madden, Moorhead & Stokes wants to make sure that we use the land in a manner that allows us to continue to enjoy the natural environment while meeting Central Florida's expanding needs.

Central Florida's Leaders in Green Infrastructure Design